Honeybee Swarm

Do you have a swarm?

Many of our members are able and willing to help identify and remove a swarm at little to no charge. Below you can learn more about identifying bees, wasps, and bumblebees. 


Gather as much information as possible, including:

  • Picture(s) of the swarm
  • Location (as specific as willing, but at least city)
  • Last time you saw them and length of time that they have been there
  • Prefered contact information and best time to contact
You can fill out the form below OR for a faster response, reach out to one of the listed beekeepers below directly.

    Jeanne Hansen – 608-244-5094

    Identifying Honeybees

    It is difficult at times to determine the difference between honeybees, bumblebees, wasps, and hornets.

    Almanac.com has a great website that explains many of the differences. 

    A swarm is very easy to identify as it thousands of bees swarming or hanging onto a branch/post/etc. When a swarm is identified, it is best to reach out right away so that a beekeeper can help relocate them to a safe and desirable location. 


    Don’t panic if you identify a swarm, they are usually docile and have full bellies. 


    Bumblebees are usually very docile bees, but if they build a nest near a place where you or your family frequent they can become defensive. Bumblebees are usually very fuzzy and bigger than honeybees. 



    The University of Wisconsin Madison has a great website regarding bumblebees (https://wisconsinbumblebees.entomology.wisc.edu). At the bottom of their website they have contact information for people who have a nest near Madison that they absolutely need to remove.