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Upcoming Meeting

August 6, 2024

Join the Dane County Beekeepers Association (DCBA). The cost is $15/year for January to December. Benefits include: free use of extractor, ability to vote on club action items, door prizes, swarm notifications and more! https://www.danecountybeekeepers.org/join-dcba/

Google Group Forum

Visit our Google Group to subscribe to our emails and learn more about our future meetings and ask questions.


Unsure about where to begin? We have compiled a list of resources to get you started.

Honeybee Swarm?

Many of our members offer honeybee swarm removal at little to no charge depending on the complexity. Fill out this form to have someone reach out to you if you think you have a swarm.


A group of dedicated beekeepers in the Dane County Area

This group is an informal and welcoming community of local beekeepers. Meetings usually take place once a month on the first Tuesday of every month.